Looking for level ~52 gear for my Axton

Hi, as stated in my other post, im having a tough time solo in UVHM and would love to get my hands on any appropriate gear at my level. I dont have anything in the way of trades but havent been too lucky during my end game TVHM farming so im under geared. Im using the slag turret so that part is ok, just need a decent gun or two and a shield if anyone would happen to have some on a lower level toon. Thanks for the read and i hope to meet some of the people in the BL community! I have all 3 games with all DLC incase anyone wants to play. GT: HyDrOpOnIc1987

I don’t play on 360 any more, but I still have my BL2 saves on there, and there’s probably still some low 50’s gear you can have. When are you likely to be on-line, and what time zone are you in?

Im on now, but besides that im usually on every morning around 9am till sometime in the afternoon. Im eastern i believe. At the time of this reply its 10:27am. I live in Ontario, Canada if that helps any. Ill reply again with a correction if im wrong about time zone when i google it after posting this. And tyvm, i rly appreciate the help.

I googled, i was right, Eastern time.

Ditto! I’ll try and catch you tomorrow morning. GT: Alkymist96.

Awesome! Tyvm. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sent the FR. Im currently playing my Krieg until we meet up. Hes cool, trying one of each toon. Thanks again

Tyvm Alky, u helped a lot. Im sure to be able to start progressing a bit now until the next set of keys come out and can help re level my gear lol just need to find an assault rifle now and im fully set :slight_smile: