Looking for Level 60 M10 Porcelain Pipebomb & etc

Hey hey! Crazy Earl is being stingy so I’m asking if y’all have one. But I’m looking for a Porcelain Pipe Bomb grenade mod. It doesn’t even have to be anointed at this point. Also, if anyone knows a guy…
I’m still looking for a M10 radiation redistributor/proprietary license/light show w/SNTL Cryo. I have a full storage of weapons, let me know what you need.

Got the plpe bomb if you want it. GT xDarkman5150x


Awesome! Is there anything you’re looking for? My GT is [Teezy McSleezy]

Mailed you pipe bomb

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Oh man, my Radiation Fl4k and I thank you. If you’re ever looking for something hit me up, I’ll help the best I can.