Looking for Level 61 Gear

Like the title says I am looking for Level 61 Legendaries and Pearls.

I am currently trying to do UVHM but I was dumb and farmed to level 60 before beating UVHM. Right now I am fighting Level 61 enemies using level 50 gear and I am having a hard time.

PSN: LMsuperstar
In comments say Borderlands Trade

Have you used any golden keys or picked up ANY items while playing missions? You don’t need legendary weapons to play UVHM. Just get a good slag weapon and use it on everything. Try farming the Hodunks at the Lynchwood train station for the Slagga Bandit SMG! Transfusion grenades are outstanding as well.

I have a few, man, add me: Sqott_HS
We can play together as well! :+1: