Looking For Level 65 Pearl of Knowledge with High Mag Size

As the title says, I’m Looking For Level 65 Pearl of Knowledge with High Mag Size.

I hate to ask, but I’m tired of replaying DLC2 in hopes I’ll get one.

I don’t really have anything to trade, just hoping someone has an overabundance of these, and a big heart.

Gamertag: SoccerCoachXtrm

Good luck!

That’s what I figured. Everyone is looking for a Pearl with +Mag Size.

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I have a level 60 with +54% mag and +9% xp


Thanks. If you are willing to part with it, I will be happy to take it.

Unfortunately, I just recently did a complete cleanout of my bank/safe, and don’t have any good gear. I have quite a few level 65 artifacts and a few level 65 mods, but only have about 30 level 65 Mayhem 4 weapons.

Sorry about that. I meant to close this post yesterday, because I had nothing of value to trade.

Thats okay I’m sure we can work something out.

I’m looking for a x2 lovable rogue with CH and a x3 prompt critical with CH any element,

Or Bounty Hunter, Cosmic Stalker, Blast Master, Spiritual Driver, Seein’ Dead if you got any good ones

OK. Not sure about the guns, but I know I have some class mods.

I’ll check later this afternoon.

Hello, let me know if you get what your looking for. I’m pretty sure I have a extra pearl with mag size and fire rate. My gt is Ye olde wolf.

Thanks for the offer wolf. I’ll let you know

Was there an extra Pearl from this thread that someone is willing to trade or part with? If so let me know what you are looking for.

GT: AggitatedYeti