Looking for level 69 ogre

Hi, I am currently looking for a lvl 69 ogre. I don’t want any specific variation just as long as it’s 69. I’ll try to make the trade as fair as possible however I’m not one of those rich characters with every legendary.

Loot and Weapons Chat isn’t the place for trades so I’ve moved this to the PS3 section.
Happy looting!

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I found 2 Ogres today but both are 66. I know you’re looking for a level 69 but you’re welcome to one of these if you’d like

A level 69 Ogre is so rare I doubt more than 5 have been found. Ever. As far as I know no-one here has one.

That’s because in Bl1 normal loot maxes out at 68, the only exception is Item Of The Day, Loot Midgets (Mini Steve and Crimson Shorty) and Loot Goon Zombies.

Sure you say, they CANT be that rare, item of the day legendaries arnt super uncommon, same with midgets and chests.

But: Vending Machines don’t sell fully automatic machine guns. Neither can loot midgets drop them.

So your only option is to get it from a Loot Goon Zombie’s chest. Ogres are extremly rare anyway, and I’m pretty sure there’s only a couple Loot Goons in all of DLC1.

The quickest one is on the beach at Generally Hospital, so good luck?


Made an Armory run this evening and after a for some reason truly aggravating battle with Knoxx and the Badass Devastator I was rewarded with a level 68 AR490 Pearl Ogre and

Which is the third Tsunami I have found in the last week.

Well I now understand an ogre is descent in rarity. Anyone down to farm farmory with me, if you are you’ll have to make the party because sadly I can’t because I turned in the mission before knowing.
My psn is my name :slight_smile:

The best possible Ogre can come from Ajax.

It’s really rare, but it’s possible. Otherwise Craw drops normal Ogres pretty frequently (in my experience).

Add me, PSN - etoipi, and we’ll see if we can cross paths online. I’m typically on during the day between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm eastern time. I can get you in the Armory just steer clear of the elevator shaft!

If it’s just an Ogre you’re looking for I can just pop in on you and drop one if you wish.

There’s always something new for me to learn about BL1, thanks.
I am now strangely curious about getting one myself, I must be mad.