Looking for level 70 Aurelia Gear

I could use:

Rerouter shield

I have a few of the new legendaries I could trade for them, or other 70 legendaries

I know it’s not perfect but i have a lvl69 celestial baroness, I imagine it’s not gonna be easy to find a lvl70 just yet, i got mine from a vender :laughing: i don’t need weapons anymore but perhaps a legendary lvl 70 shield or oz kit?

I actually already got the class mod, but I’ll still give you a level 70 oxidizer if you want

oz kit? please :slight_smile:

If you don’t already have one, I have a lvl 70 rerouter and I’m looking for a lvl 70 flayer or casual flacker.

I already got one, but do you have a naught shield?

I have a lvl 70