Looking for, Level 70 Cryo and Fire Torrents

Willing to trade you a Rustler’s Flayer and Laser Disker :slight_smile:
PSN: Wolfie5423

I have those. I can help you out.

My only issues are that I’m generally online only in the morning, Pacific Time.
Sometimes late PM, but rarely.

Let me know.

I come home at 4:00 PM after school (Eastren standard time) so hopefully that isn’t a problem lol

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lol…I think you’re best bet would bet is to hit me up on a weekend. I’m almost never on @ 4 PM.
If you can wait until Sat, they are all yours as well as the Corrosive & Shock versions as well.

Never used the Laser Disker…sounds like an interesting gun.

Sure I will lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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