Looking for level 72/OP1 Norfleet

Need a level 72 or OP1 Norfleet to help me get to OP8. Any version will do, But I prefer puissant.

Trade List:
Gentle Retcher (lvl72)
Bladed Tattler (lvl72)
Swapper’s Bunny (lvl71)
Fashionable Railer (OP1)
Bulets Go Fasterfied Plasma Caster (OP1)
Faster Bulets Spinigun 147 Mag (OP1)
Cuting smig (OP1)
Leather Quad (OP1)
Assssult RokSalt (OP1)
Restucturing Shotgun 1340 +50 Melee (OP1)
Double Penetrating Pocket Rocket (OP1)
Blood of Terramorphous (lvl50)
Legendary Ranger Class Mod (OP1)
Legendary Hoarder Class Mod (lvl71)
Rolling Thunder (OP1)
Evolution (lvl72)
1340 Shield (OP1)

Forgot to add:
Shadow of the Seraphs (OP1)
Breath of the Seraphs (OP1)

I will give more than one to trade if needed.

What element fire shock corrosive or slag?

@Gimmedaloot2012 I’ll take any, But prefer shock.

Join the club. I have killed Hyperious countless times, and have gotten ONE Norfleet, and it is slag. Don’t remember level, but it is around 50 or so.

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Psn Nihildeus

I got a shock 72 norfleet

Message sent.

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