Looking for leveling help. Xbox one

Been playing for over a year of and on. Have a 33siren in uvhm and a 30mechromancer nvhm looking to get some levels on them maybe find some loot :grinning: Cl0wnz89 with a zero. Or clownzxxxduckz are my gamer tags. Feel free to message either! Please and thanks!

Would love to be able to kill terro for once too…

If you have discord then join this server, that’s your best bet for help levelling(very rapidly)


Can get discord on your phone btw

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Thanks much. I only recently discovered this community and thought it wouldn’t hurt to put my feelers out for help considering what I see in game just randomly pop up.

Ye can’t hurt, levelling can be a pain and tbh the fun really starts when you get to level 72 and op8 because you can do everything in the game without getting wrecked too much lol

Always trying

if you are still needing help contact me (as long as you have the Handsome Jack Collection I can help), also this is the 360 section, you would get quicker response here, https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/borderlands-the-handsome-collection/bhc-multiplayer-coop-and-trading-post-xbox-one in the Xbox 1 section