Looking for leveling help

Beat the first playthrough but having lot trouble with True Vault Hunter mode. Currently playing with Athena at level 35 but would love to get some help. GT: lowsweeps. Playing on PS4

Hey dude, I’ll be doing a speed run through TVHM tonight. You’re welcome to join in.

Thanks for the offer but I won’t be able to get on until the morning, feel
free to add me and maybe we can find another time if you’re on. Thanks for
the help

I didn’t end up making it to TVHM last night. I had some leveling to do, but I finished the first playthrough. I probably won’t be on much tonight, but either tomorrow night or Monday I’ll do TVHM if you want to join. I’ll probably try to do all the digistruct missions after that.

I’m getting on to do TVHM now if you want to join.

Hey I was wondering if you could please help me with power leveling my character if you can that would be much appreciated

I can powerlevel. I’ll be leveling a few of my other characters tomorrow night and the next couple days. I’ll be back in town tomorrow afternoon. My psn is icerunner45.

I can help you with TPS if you’re still looking for people. Psn: thatguysh4rk