Looking for list of all guns' prefixes and titles

I’m looking for a comprehensive list of all weapon prefixes and titles.
I’ve already done some searches but I’ve been able to find only a couple of partial lists:
Is there a complete list out there somewhere?

There are older lists for BL2: titles and prefixes. (Edit: links lead to the old forum, now dead. If you want to look at them for whatever reason, you can try coping the links into the Internet Wayback Machine. I didn’t check if it archived them, but it might have.)
Most of these are still present in TPS, but not all of them, and TPS has a few new ones. As far as I know, there is no complete list yet. Online, that is - I have a stack of small papers lying beneath my monitor with a comprehensive list of titles and prefixes for all common guns in both BL2 and TPS along with sketches of the gun parts. They serve as my personal quick reference. I’m willing to write a guide based on them, though, and I think I’m starting with that right now.

(Edit on 4.4.2019: I’m holding this post hostage on one of my oldest storage media until the BL3 debacle is fully sorted out. Better pray it still works when I attempt to restore it. Assuming that happens at all.)


Thank you very much 3298!
I’ve found a few typos:
area effect -> area efect
murduerers -> murduerer’s
longer ragne killier -> longer ragne kilier

I hope you’ll complete your guide and make an official topic.
I’m very interested.

Corrected, thanks. Those bandits just don’t know how to spell, and writing their titles and prefixes down exactly as they are screws with my own spelling abilities. :wink: That said, my stack of papers had the correct version for “area efect” and “murduerer’s”, so those errors actually happened when reading my hand-written notes. :rolling_eyes:

Also, what’s wrong with this topic? I could just keep editing my post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought that once you’ve finished your guide you could make a new topic called
"[GUIDE] Comprehensive list of Bl2 & Bltps gun prefixes and titles"
or something and ask the staff to add it in the guides’ list here:

I’ve found another couple of minor errors:
Bandit corrosive launcher Corodoe -> corodoe, I think’s not capital letter.
Gatling gun -> Gatling Gun

Out of protest against the dumb decisions regarding BL3 revealed yesterday, I’m holding the guide that used to be in the second post of this thread hostage until BL3:

  • comes out for Linux (because I’ve thrown Windows into the bin it belongs into years ago),
  • has no in-app purchases at all (because I don’t want to see my touchpad driver go crazy again and randomly click stuff that incur any cost)
  • comes without spyware (I mean, who would knowingly download install malware),
  • costs less than $30 for the base game and ALL the DLC that will EVER be released for it (because I don’t want to reward GBX/2K for their behavior, but instead demand compensation for the stress they caused).

In the meantime, I’ll store the post on the old SD card that serves as a backup place for my HP50 programs. This device only supports cards up to 1GiB, so they have to be ancient, and SysRPL development frequently causes system crashes with occasional full memory loss, so the backups mean lots of write cycles on old flash storage. Better get this resolved quickly or it may be unreadable.


I think I’m going to do the same for my build threads as well mate, saw your message this morning and the thought has been roaming my mind ever since.
Just stopping by to say I admire your gesture.

Edit : also under Epic ToS guides like this wouldn’t even exist, for Epic can claim it as their own without giving any credit to the poster.


Damn dude I knew I should have saved your list when I had the chance! Anyway the wayback machine could work?

Anyway I appreciated the hard work you put into compiling the prefix list you helped me out a lot. I guess it back to using the crappy list on the wiki.

I’m sorry you got hit by this since I’ve enjoyed answering the questions in your threads, but a big part of my objective is to pull more people on board the steam train. Seems to work so far.
It’s not completely gone though. I can restore it when I feel that it’s justified.
The Wayback Machine doesn’t have any copies. Just checked. (It would weaken my point too, so I’m kinda glad.)
The wiki is better than it was at the time this thread was started. Most of gun stuff appears to have reached it, apart from the grip prefixes on BL2 Hyperion guns (which has some irony, because they were there in much earlier revisions, but now it has both TPS Hyperion sets instead).
For shields my source material is out there too, though it’s a hard-to-find spreadsheet. The rest of it is pretty simple, maybe apart from grenades (especially Bandit and Scav with their goofy and inconsistent spelling). (Edit: Add class mods to that. The bugged alternate prefixes of all Holodome class mods except Aurelia’s are nowhere else to be found, for instance.)

I’m still there to answer questions, though. This is how I can look up stuff now (a screenshot of the device it’s stored on with the file open, converted from the device’s own graphics format to PNG with an external tool):
No, I’m not messing around when I say I stored it on a calculator.

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Haha that is pretty awesome in one sense. Even though I think the people pulling their stuff off are being a bit overblown about it, I have to respect the fortitude and passion you guys have to stand up for something you believe in.

I have been often way too tired of all these people a good game but then doing nothing about it when people complain on forums in general. You have my utmost respect for putting your money where your mouth is for something you believe in. Kudos and thanks for all the help over the years.