Looking For Longbow Slag Singularity Grenade Mod

I need an OP8, zero fuse time longbow slag singularity grenade mod. Been farming the train chests looking for one, but they’ve just been trolling me. Lowest fuse time I’ve found is 0.6 seconds. If anyone has one let me know what you want for it, and I’ll see what I can do. PSN - BackOffoRDie

I’ve not seen one under 0.6 fuse time. But if during my Pandoran escapades I find one, I’ll hit you up.

Okay. Thank you. I’ll take a 0.6 second fuse time one the next time the chest gives me one then.

I have one for you. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Saving the day again I see. I still have you on my friends list from back when you gave me that twister. Not sure when you’ll be able to get on, but I’m on right now, and probably will be for most of the night.

I’ll be right over.