Looking for loot for my lvl 72 Axton (BL2 360)

Hey all, I’m looking for the following stuff for my commando: Fire Proof and Alkaline Bee, Fire Conference Call, Lead Storm (any element), and a Sand Hawk (Shock or Fire).
I have lots of orange gear and some pearls that I farmed from legendary loot midgets. Here is everything I’m willing to part with


Guaranteed Avenger, Level 72, Corrosive
Potential Butcher, Level 72, Non Elemental
Dastardly Unforgiven, Level 72
Barking Storm, Level 70
Two fer Unforgiven, Level 61

Horse Hammer Buster, Level 70
Quality Baby Maker, Level 71, Non Elemental
Sublime Volcano: Level 68
Swapper’s Bunny, Level 72
derp Nukem, Level 61
Cartel Pitchfork, Level 70, Slag
Gromky White Death, Level 70, Shock
Proactive Bitch, Level 71, Shock
Matching Parts Tumtum Skullmasher, Level 71
Lobbed Storm Front, Level 72
Rolling Thunder, Level 72
Homing Quasar, Level 70
Intense Unkempt Harold, Level 70
Scalable Conference Call, Level 72
Legendary Nurse Class Mod, Level 72
Legendary Siren Class Mod, Level 72
Legendary Sickle Class Mod, Level 72
Transformer, Level 70

Rustler’s Quad, Level 72, Torque stock
Gromky Droog, Level 72, Corrosive