Looking for low level 50's magic missilex4 and ogre

Hello borderlandsians, I’ve been farming for a magic missile x4 for literally months. To the point where I stop playing, beat a different game, come back and try to farm again for it, and so on. I don’t have any friends that are playing the game anymore either, so i cant reallydo the magic circle of slaughter thing. I play an explosive axton build (level 51 currently) and the ogre will fit my playstyle perfectly, as will magic missile. Especially being able to hold 14 of them. I have wuite a handful of legendsries myself, but i dont have anythimg higher than lvl 55. I live in Arizona and usually play in the evening after work. My psn is j_gasser27. If anybody wants to play regularly too, I’d be into that as well. Even if it means finally starting the mechro I’ve been wanting to make.

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I have a level 50 purple Magic Missiles.
PSN ID is same as here.