Looking for Lucian's Call Lvl50 (XONE)

I am looking for a Lucian’s Call. Have alot of lvl50 Legendary guns/shields/grenade mods for it.

I am looking for a fire Laser-Sploder. I have a Lucian’s Call


Oh just saw your on Xbox. damn I’m on PC :frowning:

Maybe you already know but you can get the Lucians Call and The Butcher from farming Dinklebot. I did it yesterday and got both of them fairly fast.

Dinklebot hasn’t been spawning for me at all since I killed him during the bounty mission.

Hey ! I know, been farming for ten tokens in about an hour cause Dinklebot only appears 1/4. But no luck.

I have a Lucian’s Call but got a drop I’m not super happy with. It only has 20 bullets in a mag, which even with ammo replenishment I still have to reload more than I’d like. I’ve been trying to farm another one for a while but no luck.