Looking for Lucian's Call on Ps4

I’m currently playing my level 50 Zane on Mayhem 1. Been using my Arctic Night Hawkin, non elemental Bone Shredder and a Tediore shotgun that throws 4 homing MIRVs as my best weapons. Some people told me that the Lucian’s Call is a good gun for Zane but I’ve been trying to farm it for days now and no luck. Also tried doing the loot-o-gram farm and it only gives out 1 white type gun at a time. If anyone has a better gun that would work with Zane to mow down enemies and put bosses to shame, please feel free to let me know.

*On a side note anyone have an OP Zane build that works, seems like Zane got the short end of the stick in being an effective vault hunter or maybe it’s just me :confused:

I think I have a cryo lucian’s I can throw your way

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:astonished: That sounds amazing. Yeah i would be grateful. I don’t have psn plus but i know I’ve been sending my brother a few things that have popped up for Fl4k through the mail.
If you wanna add me feel free to psn: WolfOfLament
If you are ever looking for something let me know, chances are i might have it

Sent you a request (bizkit8369)
If you have any elemental deathless artifact I’d be interested in looking at them

Any idea when you’ll be online to accept it just so I know when as I’m playing offline atm

Mailed it so check when your online enjoy

I actually do have a deathless artifact but I’ll have to check later. Don’t know if it’s elemental though. I’ll send you a picture later today. Have an appointment in the morning. Thanks bud. I appreciate it.

Happy to help man

Lucky! If anyone happens to have an extra Cryo Lucian’s around and wants to gift one to me, I’ll gladly take it lol.

The Deathless i have is an electric slide version, let me know if you want it. Only reason i don’t use it too much is because my build has no advantage to it besides the shield rate and delay but i can get that from a regular shield .

Thanks again for the Lucian’s Call.

Nah your right mate the one I’m after is called the elemental projector deathless and i need it with the 40% mag increase. Basically im looking for a needle in a stack of needles at a sewing machine factory…

Ah ok. No problem. I’ll keep an eye out for it. Just in case.