Looking for lv 40-50 raid gear

Legendaries of good caliber are sometimes hard to get through the first playthrough. need some new stuff. willing to trade other lv 30+ gear

Guess I should specify: unkempt harold, sandhawk, norfleet, etc.

Hey have you checked my give-away thread ?

It’s here :

Maybe you’d find stuff you’d like ?
It is free stuff, not asking anything in return.

Yeah I would love some free stuff. Steam name is Borosmagicman or BorosMagicMan, whichever one shows up as a pirate

Could you please check my thread then and post a list there of what you would like, it would help me track and make sure I don’t make mistake on my list :blush: ! And if you want like 10 or 15 weapons it’s all good really…