Looking for lv 50 bloodletter class mod

Willing to trade other legendary for it .

I have one but am not at home at the moment and can’t recall the anointments on it. What have you got to trade?

GT- PulmonaryRex

No problem at all I have a lot duplicates of. Is there anything specific you want so I can look.

I would have to give it some thought… Most likely something for Amara but I already have a Phasezerker Com for her… I have been hearing about the Laserspolders but never gotten one. Do you have one and are they any good? Like, almost OP good? :slight_smile: I should be home in about an hour.

I do not think I have any of those. But I do have a lot of weapons.

I have several, what’s your gamertag?


I got a couple bloodletters not shire sats atm… will get pic and post later