Looking for lv 50 gear

Hi, im looking for a lv 50 sand hawk and a lv 50 ogre, willing to trade my OP 8 sand hawk and ogre for it. Any other legendaries are welcome, ill pay for em, lv 50 please

Might have a spare one of those, as long as you’re not picky about the prefix. Shock only iirc. What’s your GT, when are you on, and what time zone are you in?

Up now for about an hour or so, tomorrow not sure, gmt + 2

OK, probably not going to make it on tonight in time, but I’ll send a message once I have a chance to check my characters. XBox currently being hogged by offspring… :frowning:

Update: Got back on earlier than I expected. I do have a level 50 sandhawk spare. You can send a FR or game invite to Alkymist96 if you’re still on right now.

Sorry i was sleeping lol, sent the fr just now

Last night I took Krieg back down to TVHM to see what I could come up with for you and so far I have these.

Derp Nukem

Two Fer Maggie

Lvl 48 Deadshot Hammer Buster




Chain Lightning

Magic Mistle (Purple)

Lvl 49 The Beeimage

Almost had an Ogre but it fell thru the floor :disappointed_relieved: