Looking for Lv 80 Gear

Hey guys and gals,
Due to the latest DLC many of us need new gear and so do I. I can easily farm most of the gear, but I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some of his/her old OP8 stuff, which would now perfectly fit my Lv 80 (OP0) Vault Hunters. I especially need mission reward weapons, as I really don’t want to restart everything again.

I would love to get…

  • Any Pimpernels, but corrosive and Fire are the most important
  • Kitten in fire and shock element
  • Sandhawks, especially shock and non-elemental
  • Flame of the Firehawk
  • Twister
  • Fire Conference Call to farm Haderax

I don’t know what I could offer in return honestly, but we will find some kind of arrangement for sure.

My PSN is Davin_Dittrich

I’ll be helping some people out tonight and could definitely swap some of these for you. Psn thatguysh4rk

As of right now I have a private emergency going on. That has the higher priority. I will add you once I have some breathing room. Thank you!

I’m looking for flying sandhawks with Dahl parts, level 80. I’ve got lots of weapons to trade too