Looking for Lv80 and OP 8 Gear (Still neededed, as of July 7th 2019)

These items are still needed, as of July 7th 2019.

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m looking for the following BL2 items please:

1x Lv80 and 1x OP 8 Puissant Shock Norfleet
3x OP 8 Flying Sand Hawks, one of each in Corrosive, Shock and Fire
2x OP 8 Bee Shields, one of each that are immune to Shock and Fire
1x OP 8 Legendary Cat Class mod
1x OP 8 Practicible Fire Conference Call
1x OP 8 Practicible Shock Conference Call
1x OP 8 Corrosive Infinity

I can offer a Unicornsplosion as a trade in return for the above items but if that isn’t appealing, then I have some OP 8 Pearlescents that may be of interest.

PSN ID: HuntingFever

I don’t think the Amigo Sincero can be anything other than bladed. I farmed that mission for a bit to get one with a jakobs grip on it, and every one of em (13 in total) had a blade on it.

Is there one available with a Critical Hit Damage bonus?

That requires a certain part/prefix, so no. It’s not like it matters though. The gun already deals like 3x the damage of the trespasser, has 250% bonus damage, and a far higher fire rate as well.

Thank you for the info, I’ve now updated the OP :slight_smile: .

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No problem. I can actually give you an amigo sincero. My online id is iX_Grimm. Just shoot me a FR whenever you’re on. Also wouldn’t you want most of the stuff that you’re asking for at OP8, at OP10 being that OP10 is the new max?

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Thanks for the offer, I’ll take you up on it :blush:. I need OP 8 gear, because my main character is still on OP 8 but only has Lv80 gear for the most part so needs a Gear upgrade to get through Digistruct Peak twice more and unlock OP 9 and OP 10 :slight_smile:.

Ah. That makes sense.