Looking for lvl 50 - 55 Legendaries

PLEASE SEE POST/MESSAGE 27 before making a trade request

Have almost all skins and heads from my old 360 saves.

In particular

Corrosive bitch (non evasive sights)
Hellfire (non evasive sights*)
Lyuda (white death/slag preferable - anything but fire)
Flying Sandhawk (non evasive sights* - electric)
Magic Missiles

*Non evasive meaning the scope doesn’t takes up the entire screen when zooming. For example, both dhal and maliwan sights on SMG’s aren’t evasive.

I do have a ton of OP8 full manufacturer weapons, maxed shields, artefacts (sheriff’s badge, bone of the ancients etc), but that would mean having to import lots of 360 saves and would prefer not to. Will do it if the trade is worthwhile, though.

PLEASE SEE POST/MESSAGE 27 before making a trade request

I got lvl 50 bee and legendary siren mod

What are you wanting in return?

Have u got anything between 55-60 or is it just op8 stuff ?

Just the OP8 that I know of. In fact, I have a level 61 Psycho and Assassin characters, so probably have Norfleets, Rubi’s, Infinities and some other weapons around lvl 61. Can’t promise, though. Will check later and get back to you.

I’ll talk a 61 infinity and norfleets if that’s cool if u do if now then we will work something out buddy

I have also got other legendarys like cc’s g-mods assault rifles and a few smgs

Just to let you know I won’t be on until 8.30pm UK time. Apologies, I just got caught up in real life. If not today, I’ll have a look tonight and look the stuff out for you if I have indeed got lvl 60’s and we can trade tomorrow. It also doesn’t help that all that gear is on my 360 saves, so I have to import each individual character over. Either way, I’ll let you know.

Yeah that’s fine buddy im in the uk anyway yeah massive ball ache dunno y we couldn’t just transfer all the characters at once

Ok I have at lvl 61:

Norfleets (electric, corrosive and fire)
Vengful Infinity (fire & Corrosive)
Practicable Butcher (Fire, slag & corrosive)
Rightsizing bitch (electric)
Practicable slowhands (fire, electric and corrosive)

All maxed shields
Bee shield fire
Grounded Bee Sheild
Sham (94%)
Grounded black hole (max stats)
Inflammable Hide of Terra (max stats)

Take your pick. All guns have the best parts available at that level. Post things you have as I really have next to nothing at lvl 43 - 50.

Forgot to add, my GT is my forum name without the underscore. Send me a FR and a message stating the trade as I only add people I’ve spoken to.

I have
All elements of cc’s lvl 50
Lvl 50 bee
Lvl 50 fast ball gmod
Lvl 50 siren class legendary mod
Lvl 50 thunder all fist
Lvl 50 Maggie
Lvl 50 baby maker
Lvl 50 volcano
Lvl 50 quasar
Lvl 50 fire bee
lvl 50 deliverance
Lvl 50 transformer
Lvl 49 veruc
Lvl 48 deliverance
Lvl 48 -49 madhouse
Lvl 48 pitchfork
Lvl 48 skull smasher
Lvl 49 bitch
Lvl 49 intense unkempt Harold
Lvl 49 homing bouncing bonny
Lvl 48 storm front
Lvl 48 rolling thunder
May have a few more on a mule but that’s all I can remember at moment

I’ll take your:

Skull smasher
Legendary Siren mod
CC (fire and shock)
Rolling Thunder

That’s 6, so tell me which 6 you’d like. I also have almost all rare and hard to get skins and heads.

I’ll take all norfleets and both infinitys and a grounded bee if that’s ok I’ll be online at like 7:30 tonight buddy

I won’t be on until 8pm anyway, so around about that time is good for me too.

Ok cool man I’ll send u a message later buddy

Hey guys i have heaps of legendaries to if someone could add me we can arrange a deal looking mostly for bee shield and maggiie if u have plz send me friend request and xbox live and we will communicate further on the Gt is MrDefuseDaBomb

Hey mate i am after
I have plenty of lv 61 and 50 legendarys as well

Ill take the sham if i can ive got lv 58 interfacer if you want it?

I don’t have a mic at the moment and because all my really good gear is spread over 7 360 saves (most of which still require to be imported over), it’s a lot easier and faster discussing who wants what and listing your gear on here.

I basically have all the really good legendaries, pearls, uniques and artefacts at OP8. You want something, I probably have it. I had a massive trading thread on the old gearbox forums.

Because I’m starting all my characters from scratch on the Xbone, I’m only after low level gear. Like i said, I have more than enough OP8 stuff so not interested in those.