Looking for lvl 50-60 players :)

looking for lvl 50-60 players to play with casually. Or looking for someone to power level my commando :slight_smile:
PSN: MicrowavedMyBaby

Ive got a lvl 61 Axton that im looking to get to max. Psn: HiTek883

im a level 51 PS3 … commando ive never really played online at all but want to get into it but still on ps3 just joined this forum today…hit me up if you want to play! im also still on TVHM trying to power threw to UVHM

I’m down. Hit me up. Psn: Hitek883

sweet ill add ya in the mext couple of days, i just beat TVHM but think i need to do some farming or upgrading i was getting my as.s kicked in UVHM on the southern shelf last night…