Looking for lvl 50-60 to fight raid bosses with to farm weapons in tvhm

I’ve been wanting to fight Raid bosses for a while (mostly for weapons) so of course that means you need the DLC that came out for borderlands 2 (also mindful this is for the Xbox 360) I won’t be able to play till Friday of April 17th however but I’ll be available all day that day. Conditions mostly being is don’t be a jerk with weapons and ninja-loot (I’ll mostly just give you the weapon anyway unless it is something I want very badly) so please I am looking for some bada**es to help me take on these challenges

My GT is “Digitalia S100” add me and send me a msg saying you want to help me fight raid bosses. And I do have a mic in case anyone is wondering.

Also I’ll be using my lvl 55 commando (don’t think that matters though)

Just so you know, seraph crystals only drop in UVHM

Well that explains a lot. Regardless I am still looking for ppl to weapon farm. Thanks I have played this game for a while now and never really thought of that

There fixed it

i think seraph crystals drop on ancient dragons in TVHM