Looking for lvl 50 Burning Gratifying laser sploder

i can give you anything ive got in my bank which is 50 legendary’s or if you can trade eridium ive got over 2,000 to trade then plase let me know ive been farming this for over 30 hours and still havent gotten it to drop

i have one i would trade for a lucians call

I have a potent laser sploder incendiary that’s mid range stats if you wanted one to carry you through? Free

well as of today i just lost all 50 of my legendary’s in my bank sorry i had a lucians coil to trade too thnx gear box i lost 5 days worth of play time lol

what’s you gt? I just got an extra.

I take if if he dont answer plz gt is Outlawkillerz thx alot

kings call, venomous hornet, breath of the dying, vengeance red suit, hive, rebel yell, compressing kill-o’-the-wisp, roid ward, rough rider. thats all ive been able to get so far

I don’t need anything in return, just lemme know your xbox name and i’ll send it

sweet thank you!!! ive been trying to this get this forever!! my xbox name is irishking 436

No problem @irishking436 i’ll send it in a bit.

@doggpaw next one I see, I’ll hold for you

Ok thank you.

If anybod has a fire laser-sploder level 50 (anointed for operative a bonus) get hold of me please