Looking for lvl 50 recurring hex

any element is fine. i currently have a MIRV Hex but i feel that it is somewhat lacking when i spam grenades on my gunner

msg on xbox at H Smayda

i have a fire lucians and rowans call and fire lyuda that im willing to trade

I have a Rad Recurring Hex. Any Zane anointed weapons or A infiltrator Class mod with good passives? (movement, dps, skill cooldown)

Hey! I have an Anointed Cryo Recurring Hex, Anointed Shock Recurring Hex, and Radi Recurring Hex. I really wish to get Cryo Lucian’s Call! My GT: Evakke

@ailin.denoya. did you get a cryo Lucian?

I have all hex grenades. Looking for faisor. Need specs.

@ailin.denoya @whatevercb

Cryo Lucian’s Call, you mean like this one?: