Looking for lvl 70 Practicable Thinking(shock), Casual Flakker, and Purple Indestinguishable Projection

I am looking for the following at lvl 70

  1. Practicable Thinking(shock)
  2. Casual Flakker
  3. Purple Indestinguishable Projection

All @ lvl 70
-Black Hole
-Shooting Star
-Big Thumprr

-the Hail (in several elements)
-Cryo Mining Laser
-Cryo Gwen’s Other Head
-Rightsizing Fatale
-Hard & intense Fragnum
-Glitched cryo droog
-bladed Fridgia
-Bowie Luck Cannon
-Sledge’s Shotgun
-Fremington’s Edge(fire and shock)

Class Mods
-Eridian Vanquisher (Nisha)
-High Definition +6 QNQ/ +5 LC (Aurelia)

And other gear (if you have something specific in mind, I’ll see if I have it.)

GT is Ssystem1420. Thank you for your time.


There’s a separate sub-forum for trading…you’ll probably get a better response in there mate :smile:

There’s another forum besides this one for trading? :open_mouth:

These i have for you:

Stimulating Subdivide Splitter Shock (Glitched laser error code O4L4M0A0)
Stimulating Subdivide Splitter Shock (Purple)

Blast proof Rerouter
Alkaline Rerouter

Meganade cryo - shock - corrode

Purging Anarchist (Glitch gun error code O0L4M0A4)
Resolute Anarchist (Purple)
Unending Anarchist (Purple)

I’m lookin for the sham with an absorb change of 94%.

Sorry, my Sham is only 85%. If you want anything else that isn’t on the list though, I may have it, so feel free to ask.

That’s fine. Give me a msg on xbox and i will give you the gear you need. I don’t use them so i have no need for them.

How long will you be on? Are you on right now?
I can’t get on the xbox right away, but def in 15 minutes at the most.

I’m online now.

Updated OP.

I have P.Thinking Shock

I can have Bladed Fridgia and Cryo Gwens Head.

GT : enablingrhyme44

Cool. I’m signing on now, so send me message.