Looking for lvl 72 Bekah

Looking for Lvl 72 Bekah. I have been farming tubbies and haven’t had any luck with this drop at all. Anyway, if you’d like to trade message here or over xbox. GT: X DANMAN117

also if you have any questions on weapon parts I will let you know, just message me if interested

Stuff I am willing to trade for this beastly assault rifle.

All items are lvl 72 only
Flying Sandhawks-fire, shock, corrosive, slag, non elemental (everything Dahl except for Bandit Barrel)
Conference Call-shock,fire,corrosive
Norfleet-slag,shock, corrosive, fire
Veruc-100% Dahl, all elements
Bitch- no-elemental, shock, slag
grog nozzle


Hide of Terramorphous- grounded, alkaline,inflammable, blast proof
Bee- alkaline, inflammable, grounded, blast proof
Fabled Tortoise-blast proof
Impaler- Alkaline

Class Mods
Legendary Berserker
Legendary Soldier
Legendary Ranger
Legendaary Engineer
Legendary Pointman

Medic Mantis
Elvin Eliminator
Gory Ghoul
My ears are ringing
the beast within
wayfarer wizard