Looking for LVL 72 Gear [Mecromancer;Commando]

Hello Together,

Iam new at lvl 72 an search for some gear. (PS3)
i like to have a norfleet (slag or so…), a nice grenade mod, or all what you can offer.
PSN-ID = ChrisWolf88

thanks and regards

I have some level 72 gear that you may have but i just need a little bit of time to farm for the Norfleet and then i’m set.


Okay i am finished farming/grinding (whatever you want to call it) and i am ready to give you the items but i need to add you so we can trade. I got a legendary grenade mod, legendary weapons (one of them is Norfleet slag element), and legendary class mods that are all level 72 if you want it.



Did anybody else have any 72 weapona for me?

I search a “shock storm front” lvl 72 too

I have a Longbow Storm Front but not a Shock Storm Front. Would you like the Longbow Storm Front instead?

I search only this one :slight_smile: can be every lvl above 55. “shock storm front”

Okay i will see what i can do.

Ad me, got almost ALMOST ANY item you could want. Bearhunter37

Nice ill add you later !

I have some gear u will want hit me up some time and we can bup them

Can I have some gear plz I need some level 72 pearls and legendaries specially an ember being farmed by me for 200 times thx all of you

I really need an avenger

The OP hasn’t posted since June 20th, 2015. Also:

He was looking for a Shock Storm Front which is a hacked / modded item. Although the Storm Front is only available in the Shock element, “Shock” is not a valid delivery mechanism for the Storm Front grenade mod. The only valid delivery mechanisms are Lobbed, Longbow, Homing and Rubberized. Given that this thread was necro’d after 8 months of inactivity, that the OP hasn’t posted since June 20th, 2015 and that the OP was requesting a hacked / modded item, perhaps one of the Forum Moderators should close this thread.

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The topic has been closed.

The OP has long since been inactive, and will not be able to respond to requests.

Should he return, feel free to contact me.