Looking for lvl 72 gear

Looking to trade for some 72 gear. Shield, class mods etc. I’m using Axton. Also specifically for guns Dahl assault rifles.

Many thanks for any help. GT: EchoOne30

willing to help me rank to 72? Im 66

Im on now GT Shotta Messiah

Sorry I just got power levelled myself actually. I’m still on play through 1. But you can still add me up if you wanted to play

I can boost you to op8 and trade you some op8 gear

That would be great thank you a ton. My GT: EchoOne30

I’ll be on a bunch fri night/this weekend. What time zone are you in? I’m in EST

What’s your gt

Sorry i havent been on lately. My gt is AkMateo and I and in Missouri-Timezone

Yeah I added you AkMateo and you havent been on since lol. I would love some help from you when you get a chance. Need some gear and leveling to get to get started. I played the crap out of this on 360, but sold my xbox and didnt have it saved to the cloud. I dont want to grind too much so your help would be amazing!

thanks in advance

I got it on pc so now i play pc. i will still be on occasionally mainly just for boosting so just msg me when you see me on regardless of what game i am playing

Thanks so much. I’m just looking for a little help for one character so I can farm useful things