Looking for lvl 72 Lyuda's & have some OP8's to trade

Hey all, I’m after 2 lyuda’s for a Zero buddy and have some nice OP8’s
in exchange.Only asking because I’ve killed Mobley & Gettle about 100 times
this week and all I got was a load of Verucs!

Looking for…

  • fire & corrosive Lyuda’s - prefer Gromky but any appreciated.

I have these OP8’s to trade…

  • Rightsizing Yellow Jacket
  • Nasty Ogre
  • Boss Bekah
  • Blockade
  • The Sham
  • Legendary Soldier CM


I have a corrosive gromky, I think, hafta look in a few.

edit - yes, I have a gromky corrosive with jakobs stock, (if that matters)

Sweet, thanks darla, much appreciated!

Just le me know what you’d like in return, thanks

I’m not really looking for anything in trade, it will free up some bank space :wink: I can get on in a couple hours and give you the gun.

psn: urban-stag

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Thanks loads D, I remember your PSN - you’ve sorted me out before!

Edit - @darla has kindly given me the corrosive Lyuda and wanted
nothing in return, thanks darla! Just need the fire Lyuda and still have
all stuff to trade.

I dont have any Fire Lyuda, do you want a lv 72 Slag one?

Why not! Thanks so much OT, a pleasure as always my friend!! :joy:

Let me know if you’d like any in return?


You are welcome my friend :slight_smile: See you online.

Did you get the guns you needed already?

Hey, thanks but got them now.

Awesome. I farmed way too much stuff for a sniper zero I haven’t even leveled to 72 yet so if anything else comes up your friend might need I probably have it.

Thanks dude, appreciate the offer, I’m slowly coaxing him into OP lvls and have got lyudas and bees
at op1 / 2 for him so let me know if you need 72,op1 & op2 stuff and as I get him through digi I
can pass it on to you.

Thanks, that’s very generous. I’m in pretty good shape apart from having lousy luck with triple O and tubbies. Still haven’t managed to grab a twister or a bekah yet, but that’s not surprising. Did get triple O to drop the twister once, and it flew right past me and through the waterfall and out of my life forever lol. Ouch. Maybe we just weren’t meant to be together.

Good luck with your hunt, I use a rustlers twister & a boss bekah, both a massive pain
in the butstalion to get, but…damn they are worth it!!

Thanks I need all the luck I can get at this point. Out of curiosity how much farming did it take to get those prefixes? I’ve been farming tubbies on op8 for awhile now and managed to get over 20 pearls in the past few weeks and 4 godfingers in one day but no bekah. But I keep reading how awesome it is and it looks like a lot of fun so I haven’t been able to bring myself to throw in the towel just yet.

Me, I never understood the Bekah fans …

I mean, you have to press the trigger, like … several times!

Exhausting … :blzzzzzz:

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Me, I never understood the melee Zero fans …

I mean, you have to press the right stick, like …a zillion times!

Exhausting … :blzzzzzz:

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Oh I don’t want to shoot it, I just love that gorgeous black and mauve inlay on the body. Then again, seeing that second bullet split right into the face of a rabid skag makes my heart feel good.

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A lot of farming, loads of luck and also a massive amount of help
from some truly cool forum members!!

I’ll keep an eye out for them dude.