Looking for lvl 72 norfleet, binary tball fists

I’ve farmed for hours for gear with my current group of friends. im kind of burnt out on farming after about a week. My group is taking a 2 week hiatus due to prior obligation. Was hoping to maybe get some help! Gamer tag: DrowsyDonut

Can help you out farming? Or you wanting to trade?

i was hoping to trade just because my schedule won’t allow me to farm this week. The group I play with and myself will be busy for the next two weeks. I only have about a few hours to spare today.

Okay , any particular elements/ parts? Il see what I have.

Fire and slag I guess. Not necessarily anything specific.

I plan on getting on around 3:30 central time. What time zone are you in?

Uk , am on now… I can offer you a 72 fire/corrosive norfleet, have thunderfists but not the fix you are after.

Those would be great! I can try to be on around 9:15 UK time. How late we’re you planning on playing? You can also just add me on Xbox live and if not tonight then some other time.

Not sure if still interested?.. but I’ve thrown you a add on the xb1 as it’s easier to see when you on.
Hopefully get some games in soon :grinning: