Looking for lvl 72 Redundant Lady Fist

Anyone have a lvl 72 redundant lady fist they can trade ? I have an extra bekah and lots of other gear.

I have this in shock. It is superb. In the right context it is more powerful than sandhawks pimpernels dpuh or launchers. It is always in my backpack.

A bekah sounds interesting. Ive never had one.

dontu_worry on Steam

Yea im pretty sure it’s a cowboy bekah very good to use. the ladyfist was my Pete killer I just leveled up and can’t use my 61 anymore but I’m on Xbox 360 I don’t know anything about steam

I’d just like to chime in here real quick and say the Bekah is the beez kneez

Yeah it is! As long as your at the right distance everything will go down fast

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