Looking for Lvl 72op 8 Sticky Homing Elemental O-Negative Grenades

I am trying to find Level 72 OP 8 O-Negative grenades. I am looking for specifically Sticky Homing (Elemental) O-Negative Types.

  • Sticky Homing Incendiary O-Negative
  • Sticky Homing Shock O-Negative
  • Sticky Homing Corrosive O-Negative
  • Sticky Homing Slag O-Negative

if you have these in level 72 op versions please send me a reply as I do not always have internet connection so I play mostly offline mode.

Thank You in advance.


I have buckets but they are merely at level cap. Not doing OP stuff for the time being because I want to relax and enjoy the game before I have to start farming and levelling gear again. Pyro Pete will drop tons of O-negs. They are frequent drops of his and he is easy to kill compared to other raid bosses. Farm Pete for a while.

so far all ive been able to find are the dumb shields i haven’t had a single o-neg grenade drop yet. I was hoping someone else has had better luck than me that wouldn’t mind sending me a save file. since most of the time my internet is down since i share it with my landlord and when he is gone he shuts everything off.