Looking for lvl 72's to beat digistruct peak and kill raid bosses (OP8)

I’m playing as a siren w/ legendary cat class mod. GT: eliminator2006. Invite me or send a message.

Not sure if youre still looking but im op3 tryin to make it to op8 if you need help msg pickletiklr on xbox one

got the toons,got the gear but without my BAR dont know if i got the mojo.my sal used to could solo all but vora and the dragons.when it comes back would love to go 8 raiding

Just made op5 if you wanna do it

Msg pickletiklr

Looking to get my 72 psycho to op 8 also looking to get all legendarys pearlecents and Serapis if anyone want to help with any of what I’ve said


most of the weapons i have are op 8 and im only at op 1 :<

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still looking? lol