Looking for M10 - OPQ w/ 300% Anoint // Sandhawks w/ 200% ASA Anoint

A cryo Sandhawk would be preferred.

Got a few decent weapons to trade (all M10):

  • 70k Nukem with 300% Anoint
  • Shock Stop Gap with trigger on ASA Start anoint
  • 1,744 Radiation Redistributor with SNTL Active anoint
  • Snowdrift Victory Rush with max shield, 50% mag size and radiation resist
  • 12k Moonfire with ASA anoint
  • 22k Scourge with Exiting Iron Bear increased Splash damage anoint

Hey buddy so I have : opq 7893x2 300/90 if your still looking. I have others with higher damage but not the annoitment you want.

That would be great thanks! Is there anything you’d like from my list in return?

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No worries dude. Either the cryo sntl radiation redistributior or the moonfire would be awesome :slight_smile: whats your gamertag?

Are looking for anything else apart from the sandhawk?, can’t get them to drop at all

Gamertag is Ulysses III XVI, I’ll send the Redistributor.

Erm I’m looking for a 300%/90 Moonfire and Yellowcake if you have either of those? Or a Seein’ Dead with +5 in Donnybrook and increased Weapon Damage.

Do you have a list of what you have?

Cool cool. I’ll add you now and send over the opq.
I have a couple yellowcakes with the 200asa annoitment,not the x2 variant though. I’ll have to check on that seein dead aswell.

I dont have a list as of yet but I will be putting one up after the June 4th patch,when we know what mayhem levels stuff is.

I have 300/90,200asa,under 50 health weapons,shields,grenade mods,artifacts and class mods galore,splash weapons also a few cryo sntl weapons,takedown weapons and shields too

The best cake I got is 42k 200asa if you want it :slight_smile: sent the opq

Yeah I’ll take that Cake thanks.

What Kybs Worth’s do you have (if any) or Old God shields?

I’ve just sent the Redistributor, thanks again for the OPQ.

Hi !

Would you trade your +300/-90% Nukem for a +300/-90% Yellow Cake (42 248x1) ? :smiley:

And I’ve also noticed that you’re interested by some Kyb’s (which is a weapon I hate playing with) I also have a Shock/Fire Kyb’s (2220x2) with +1% consecutive hits.

I do have a trading list but I’ll not post it without your permission :slight_smile:

Yeah let’s trade. I’ll take that Kyb’s too if that’s okay?

Feel free to post your trading list!

I’ll send you the cake right now,I’ve just been putting up my tradelist and have a few kybs on there

Would you like a 70k Nukem with the 300% anoint since you’ve helped me get what I need?

Sure sounds good buddy :slight_smile:

Do you have any Yellow cakes with the under 50% health anoint also?

I’ve send you the Yellowcake :slight_smile:

Here’s my trading list

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Just seen you have the Yellowcake x2 with the +150% Rad below 50% Health anoint. I have an arctic Kaos with an ASE anoint if you’d be willing to trade? I also have a 30k Plaguebearer with ASE if that’s better

A Kaoson or a Kaos ?

If it’s a fully automatic M10 Cryo Kaoson I’ll take it for sure

Misread the weapon :joy: it’s a Kaos. Is the Plaguebearer not something you’d be interested in?

hey there, msg me on xbox my gt is vwrathh… i got something of what u are looking for