Looking for M10 SNTNL Cryo Zane gear. Updated 6/4/2020

I’m looking for weapons with the SNTNL Cryo anointment. I have a radiation Redistributor but I’m also looking for Redistributors with different elements that have that anointment. Looking for Yellowcake, O.P.Q., various elemental Kaosins, Reflux, and Brainstormer. Or any decent weapon with that anointment. Have plenty M10 and cartel weapons to trade.

I know I have a cryo sntl brainstormer, probably a couple of the other’s your looking for too

Also have a cryo sntl kaoson and a x7 reflux cryo sntl

Awesome. What are some things that you are looking for to trade?

Looking for yellowcakes x2, consecutive hits weapons,elemental monarchs and dlc 2 weapons with good annoitments, any good 300/90 weapons too,all what I’m looking for is on my trade thread.

I also have a radiation redistributior cryo sntl if needed too.

Gamertag - SpaghetiSaturdy


Double Penetrating Gratifying Roisen’s Thorns
The Duc
Arctic Disciplined Night Hawkin
Incendiary Needle Gun
Incendiary Binary Stark Cutsman
Cryo Hyperfocus
Breath of the Dying
O.P.Q. 6903x2
O.P.Q. 7194x2
Loyal Sickle 3196x10
Engulfing Vicious Ogre
Redundant The Butcher
Cash-Infused Negotiating Slow Hand
Shock Lob
Yellowcake (x1)
Negating Kravvy Bagronk
Expert Firestorm
Shock Binary Mocking Cutsman
Expert Hellshock
Engulfing Shredifier
Cost-Effective Q-System 4468x2 (Purple)
Negating Kravvy Bagronk (Purple)
Incendiary Searing Reflexive Malak’s Bane
Nuclear Jericho
Incendiary Moar Linoge
Shock Needle Gun XXL
Rebel Yell
Shock Rowan’s Call
Threeway 9205x3 (Blue)

Action Skill End

50% Radiation:

Cryo Shrinking Gratifying Moonfire
Dastardly Maggie
Corrosive Binary Pertinent Cutsman

Consecutive Hits:

Unlimited Anarchy 1196x12
Hawt Embrace the Pain
Packin’ Devastator
Viral the Butcher
Cryo Shrinking Pneumatic Tiggs’ Boom
Corrosive Oozing Gratifying Tiggs’ Boom
Incendiary Burning Flakker
Cryo Negating Vicious Lyuda
Shock Subsidized The Butcher

Action Skill Active 200%:

Oozing Gratifying Roisen’s Thorns
Double Penetrating Vigorous Roisen’s Thorns
Nuclear Infinity
Apt Hellshock
Compressing Grease Trap
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin
Hazardous Grease Trap
Shocking 9-Volt
Shock Needle Gun XXL
Corrosive Needle Gun XXL x2
Radiation Needle Gun
Breath of the Dying
Cost-Effective Optimized O.P.Q. System (7194x2)
MOARR Say Krud NoPewPew (1438x5)
Disciplined Warlord
Shock Lob
Melty Dayumned Yellowcake x1
Shredded Scourge
Hawt Broosin NoPewPew (3856x3)
Engulfing Shredifier
Unlimited Baby Maker++
Shock Rowan’s Call
Corrosive Poison Ginormous Gunerang XL
The Duc

Radiation 50/150:

Ginormous Bangarang XL
The Companion
Super Bangarang XL
Ginormous Gunerang XL
Incendiary Searing Relentless Boomer
Handsome Jackhammer
Incendiary Binary Stark Cutsman
Radiation/Corrosive Bountiful Destructo Spinner
Dauntless Sleeping Giant
Shocking Reflexive Kaos
Hawt Eezy NoPewPew (1394x3)
Incendiary Burning Promiscuous Alchemist
Shock Rebel Yell
Radiation/ Corrosive Abundant Projectile Recursion
Incendiary/Corrosive Abundant Projectile Recursion
Incendiary Burning The Boring Gun
Casual Flakker
Melty Whizzy Yellowcake x1
Ruby’s Wrath
Expert ASMD
Pneumatic Bangstick 2306x6 (Purple)
Pent-Up Hedgehog (Blue)
Cryo/Shock Binary Stark Devoted
Firesale Humongous Long Musket ++
Stark Krakatoa
Shredded Scourge
Moar Pain is Power
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker
Kravvy Infinity
Incendiary Hostile Developing Iceburger

Digi-Clone Swap 130% Damage:

Incendiary Molten Zammechat Backburner

I have more weapons with ASA’s, ASE’s, other anointments, and character specific anointments. I’ll keep updating.

Looking for:

SNTL Cryo:
Redistributor - Shock, Incendiary, Cryo, Corrosive
Kaosin - Shock, Incendiary, Radiation, Corrosive
O.P.Q. System
Plague bearer

Yellowcake x2 with 300/90

Open to other SNTNL Cryo trades too. Just what I could think of right now.

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I’ll take 2 x2 cakes(if you have 2) and the fire 300/90 hyperfocus if cool with you buddy

Edit : I’ll probably be interested in more of your stuff when you update :slight_smile:

What’s your gamertag?

My gamertag is SpaghetiSaturdy. And want to trade 2 x2 cakes and they Hyperfocus for your Soulrender, EMP5, and Brainstormer SNTNL Cryo?

Sounds good to me buddy. I’ll send them over shortly :slight_smile:

Sorry,I dont think the cryo sntl brainstormer is mayhem 10 do you want something else instead?

What’s the damage on it?


How about the Clone fire Backburner?

Can do buddy

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Thanks, man. Just sent you’re stuff over.

And you too dude,see you soon for more trades :slight_smile:

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Updated some stuff finally!

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