Looking for mature gamers (xbone)

I’m in the UK, so will probably not suit American gamers. I’m looking for people who don’t screech, don’t play music over their mics, that in no shape or form take the game too seriously, because if you’re garbage, you’re garbage at the game and I’d rather game with people like that than someone who thinks being the best is the be all and end all. I’ve played BL1&2 a lot on the 360, so I consider myself semi-decent (not great, far from it), but I really don’t mind gaming with people who have never played previously. Hell, i still get a lot of stupid deaths. Loot can be shared evenly unless someone is more in need. No point in one person being loaded to the teeth with legendaries and the rest of us still with our green pea shooters.

I’ve currently not got a mic, so not in a position to chat away at the moment if you’re talkative. Planning on getting one over the weekend. Gamer tag is my forum name without the underscore.

From the 360, I have a few OP8 characters, so i can import characters if need be. I have a level 14 Siren from this gen and willing to create a new character from scratch. Won’t be on until tomorrow.