Looking For Mature Players For EU PvP/PvE

Looking for 4 (or more) players to hang out with, get to know each other (just have a good time playing BB or other games).
I have a teamspeak server if any one is interested in that sort of thing.

Steam Name: dodz15 (i have a black background with silver writing on the pic)

I would look for Mature players for the opposite reason, as a USMC person of Honor and Integrity I see no reason for cursing or foul dialog in games, this is where I come to take a break for the harsh realities.
Matter of fact, at 55 years of age I still do not curse and never speak ill of anyone.

i think what i wrote came out in the wrong way, i did not exactly mean it like that, yes i do curse alittlebit but i wrote that i was looking for mature players because i dont want to play with some 1 who is under 18 and then i forget myself and start cursing, thus the content. if it made you feel like i was an ■■■■■■■ then im sorry for that.

Big smile :sunny:

Added you via steam, name is [VirV]GhostRider.

Hey there, I’m also interested in having someone to play with! I’ll add you to Steam (I’m faemir on Steam).