Looking for Max Level Co-Op / Farming Buddies

Hey guys!

So happy they restored the online functionality of BL1 ps3!

However, when I load up the online games, I only see games at level 50 or below.

I only got fully into BL1 about a month ago and have a VERY powerful Level 69 Siren with awesome gear that I farmed offline myself.

Why are there no level 69 players hosting games ?

I would love to find some people to fight Craw / run the Armoury / do sidequests with!

Anyone who is interested please add PotteryShards on PSN.

Or, post your PSN ID here and I will add you!

If you send me a request and it says my list is full, please let me know!

HI FlamesForAll, You can add me if u want, i am planning to play for this weekend, im lvl 53 Siren. Bought all the dlc since BL1 is online again. my gamertag is ntgeleuve

GAH my eyes! Old forums >>>>>>>>>>>>>> this new blasted forum. It makes my eyes bleed.

However, I’m here, FlamesForFall, ACNAero and AngelRipper. :smile:

Still couldn’t figure out why my PS3 is being meh with online stuff. shrugs

FlamesForAll – did you see my post about finding other carnage hydra before old forum closed down?

Hey man I got a lvl 69 soldier so Ill add you my psn is X3DZ01DB3RG