Looking for mine sweeper with splash have lots to trade

As title states looking for mine sweeper with splash not worried about the other stats have lots to trade

I have one with +5 Torgue promotion , 32% Splash , Shotgun 35% , Hyperion crit 51%

That would be nice what do you want in return

Good Red Fang , Raging bear , Snowshoe Action skill trigger effect , Backburner Fire/Corro 150/50 , Plaguebearer Fire/Corro 150/50 , Cutpurse launch pad

Damn sorry don’t have any of those thanks anyway

Np , i can give the Mindsweeper if you want

That’s up to you I’ll take it and definitely keep a lookout for the things you want and can send them as I find them. But yeah up to you I’ll glad take it

Add me ( Snaky_hilarious ) i’ll send you the class mod to night or tomorrow

Sent again thank you greatly appreciated

Got red fang and cutpurse for you. Send me a message on PSN for what you’re looking for