Looking for Mirv/Cloning Hex

As the title suggests… Looking for a Mirv/Cloning Hex. I have plenty of guns to trade with. Message me here or Mendokusai1321 - Epic name.

I have both. looking mostly for anointed face puncher but will also look at anointed crossroad or solid amara mods.

ill have to check my bank in a bit to see if i have an anointed crossroad… and ill keep my eye out on those

I have a shock cloning, looking for infiltrator class mod

ill keep my eye out for one… havent seen one yet

i have a couple for trade, but im looking for a white elephant with an ele melee damage mod.

I have a cloning hex if u need, what can you give me?

what are you looking for? i only keep certain things unless someone is looking for something specific

Hmu with what you have up for trade

are you around? i think i have something youre looking for