Looking for misc. gear for 72(OP0) Gaige, because some things are just too painful to farm


Now, fair warning: in general, I don’t have good 72 legendaries to offer. I do have a list of miscellaneous ones of all sorts of levels, though, some of which are good, and which you might want for a non-max-leveled character (note the lvl6 kerblaster). They are:

  • kerblaster (6)
  • whiskey tango foxtrot (15)
  • fabled tortoise (19)
  • veruc (21)
  • Maggie (47)
  • badaboom (48)
  • impaler (50)
  • slagga (50, 67?)
  • Hellfire (53)
  • flame of the fire hawk (55)
  • Rolling thunder (58)
  • double penetrating unkempt harold (60, 64, 72)
  • shock conference call (59)
  • rolling thunder (58)
  • gunnerang (60)
  • logan’s gun (63)
  • legendary mechromancer & catalyst class mods (65, 71)
  • inflammable the bee (66)
  • electric longbow leech (68?)

Edit: I’d also be happy to farm you a level 72 unique that you want, in some particular element or whatever. I’d happily farm you up a Sandhawk, a Rapier, a Kitten, a Deadly Bloom, a Law+Order, a Lady Fist, a Pimpernell, a Rubi, a Trespasser…I’ve got a fire fibber and corrosive hail but I’d rather not trade those away unless you really want 'em.

I just got my first character to level 72. She’s a mechromancer and she’s the best. I have lots of good stuff for her, but I’m missing a few crucial items that I really don’t want to farm for, and so I’d love to trade instead. Here’s what I’m after, in order of how much I want them (all for 72 OP0, although OP1-2 would also be cool):

  • Twister
  • Hide of Terra
  • Bouncing Bonny or Crossfire (slag, any level)
  • Conference Call(s) (fire or shock)
  • Interfacer(s) (fire or shock)

Other stuff I want, but only sort of casually:

  • Legendary Anarchist and superior prodigy class mods
  • storm front, fastball, magic missile, and chain lightning grenades
  • a Blockade and a neogenator
  • Bone(s) of the ancients (especially shock and corrosive)
  • thunderball fists

I have a lot of Legendary Anarchist OP4 6 AND 7 (I think OP4), and I can get you a Crossfire slag if you want. but what level is the legendary mechromancer class mod and please take on or more of the class mods

my steam name is tehnickster1214. have fun.

and sorry I sent you a Private Message that has nothing to do with you but we can also work together.

Hey! I’ll be on steam tomorrow (for some reason my computer’s internet is freaking out right now), but no worries about the message.

I’d love both the legendary anarchist class mod (OP4 would be cool!) and the slag crossfire!

The legendary mechromancer mod is level 65 (+36% cooldown), the legendary catalyst is level 71 (+45% elemental effect damage). the other things listed are in order too - so i have 3 DPUHs, one each at levels 60, 64, and 72, and two slaggas, one at 49 and one at 67 or so.

ad me on steam