Looking for mitosis hunter-seeker

Sadly I don’t have many good stuff for trade, the best one is probably a 14 projectile Reflux
Been farming for the mitosis grenade for years and still no luck. Tired alr

PSN: hugeheadliang

If I find one I’ll let you know or other people help you out as well.

I’ve got an incendiary one you can have, mate. PSNID is XLAIRvoyant

just sent friend request. Thx a lot!

No worries. I’ll send it over tonight.

I don’t suppose you have a Cosmic Stalker with splash damage on, do you?
LF L72 Cosmic Stalker w/Splash Damage - Borderlands 3 / [PS4] Online Play and Trading Post - The Official Gearbox Software Forums

I do have two but none of them match your other requirements. One comes with +2 Big Game, +1 Interplanetary Stalker, damaage reduction and grenade radius; another one is +1 Big Game, +2 Stalker, radiation and corrosive resistance. If you still want I can send.

That’s an awesome offer, but no, thank you. I’m really really trying to get those specific things, you know! haha.