Looking for mod?

Is there a mod for UVHM to make it easier for solo?

No! There are COM’s that give bonuses to a whole team, but there’s nothing that gives you added bonus just for being solo.

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Exactly. If you want to play with the big boys, you have to be able to wear the big boy pants. :smiley: @betagrald: grab some friends or check the character subforums if you’re having problems, but the only mods for BL 2 are texture replacer ones for those on the PC.

:smile: i sure hope you meant a Class Optimization Mod, coz… That other stuff… Third party software, stuff… We don’t talk about that stuff here.


No, I meant things like this.

What character are you playing as maybe we can help you with tactics or if you want to read on how to survive in uvhm
this helped me

Also check your characters top gear section, I wish you luck on UVHM and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I am.

@Gulfwulf: Sorry, my reply was meant for the OP. I know you stay on the straight and narrow path.

But there are those who cross over to the dark side every now and then… I’m ofc talking about those singers and that NCIS Agent.

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Rule #1: Don’t talk about Fight Club.


If you want easy run through UVHM pick up Salvador and do some reading. Without prior knowledge he is hard to play but once you know what weapons and gear work for him you can just turn your brain off.

Which is why I don’t play him…once you find “the method”…it just becomes too easy…no challenge really.

And such a shame…as he has a skill set that is very interesting and could be a real challenge to master for effects.

But once you know off hand…the temptation is just so great.

The really good Sal players like Chuck know how to use other skills and don’t always resort to easy street, but us lesser mortals…not so much.

He’s great to team up with for quick farming though…exceptional…really a nice aid to getting you top gear like Interfacers.

Sal, and the other chars too, are only as easy as you make them. Temptation isn’t a character weakness in the toon itself. It’s a character weakness in the person playing the game.

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