Looking for modders - Anyone who can fix a dead mod?

Hello everyone, there’s a mod called FreeSpace: Fleet Command v4, and every since the 2.0 update it’s been dead. The dev hasn’t been active since 2 months after the 2.0 update back in 2016, he gave some updates on the comment section on what he was fixing and what the issues were, but he disappeared without anyone knowing why.
Link to mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408410200

Anyways, the mod has some issues. Here are the log files for the errors that I’ve collected, and here’s the launch paramters:
Link to download files: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhYMfHlXhz_TmVd0pNxVDt5MLGH_?e=fe4O3w

HwRM1.log = I replaced the modded english.big with the original fresh install english.big. Game starts, music and background is correct for the mod. But in VS CPU it’s the original Homeworld races, not Freespace races. I start a match and it crash mid-load.

HwRM2.log = I launched the fully updated 2.1 steam version of the game with the mod and the -luatrace extension. Game loads up, all good. Correct races shows up, I start a match VS CPU, game crash mid-load.

HwRM3.log = I replace again the original english.big with the english.big from the mod Fleet Command v4. Game crashes on launch, no loading screen even. Starts, black screen flashing, back to desktop.

I love Freespace, and I love this mod… The classic version that I play on Homeworld 2 Classic, that still works. But that’s version 3, and on classic… I would love to have this mod on HWRM, and that’s why I’m here. Any modders who wanna comment and maybe discuss this??
I myself am not a modder, and I don’t have a lot of freetime. I just enjoy to play this whenever I have time.

I might even start a funding page, maybe more people would love to see this mod revived, we could give a funded donation to the one that fixes it.

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I’d love to play this mod, the HW2 classic version is great but the HWR version on Steam looks even better, sadly I’m not really a modder and lack the skills for it, but I’d be willing to support work on this in other ways

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