Looking for moderate to high skilled players to play with on Ps4

So I guess this would be the right place to put this…

Anyways, my old team moved on to other games but I just love me some good ole BB. My daughter and I have been playing with randoms in quickmatch a lot lately but if anyone is interested I would love to play with folks regularly to have a more cohesive team.

Mic required and honestly, L33t skills not as important as just having a good personality and like to joke and have fun but prefer folks that are at least comfortable playing more than one toon at a reasonable skill level.

I can play all toons(still working on Dragoon) to at least an above average level(mains being Gal, Ambra, Reyna, Alani and Kid) and my daughter is great with several toons as well.

If interested feel free to add us. Im Esword330 and my daughter is Emsword330.

Thanks and let the fight for the last star never stop!


Also wanted to add that CR is not as important as desire to learn the ins and outs of pvp play. So if your a newer player with a desire to get better Im more than willing to teach the ropes.

@ckx00000 Hey, I would be down to get back into BB with teams of well… Not randoms. I don’t know if anyone is still doing 10 mans, but would be down for a team. My Psn is Neb_523 (I think), But will add you when I next get online.

As a high school student, I might not get on very often, generally only open 3 days a week for a couple hours a time, but would love a more consistent team to play with.

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I don’t really play the game any more but I’m sure I know a few people who still do 10 mans. @Ashbweh I’m sure you can help them.


I bet he could too! Ive encountered Ash in a few battles before.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Ive played since July '16 and been through various line-ups of people but would like to start a team of 3-8 people to play with and practise against as well as get into more competitive playing.

I know there are plenty of people who will help, sadly I don’t know all there names on here but one contact and you can join in the the 10 mans I assume.

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Feel free to add me on PSN.

A few people to add might be @SirWalrusCrow @Phoenix-2613 @Supernovasnipe

These guys are on a lot of the time and could also help direct you to other players. Sometimes we also like to play off-mic too.

As far as 10 mans go, they usually happen about 5-8pm est, just depends who’s on. We’re always happy to invite new people into 10 mans. I’m trying to sound elitist but they involve some of the best players on the game, but no matter how well you do as long as you’re positive and happy to learn (if needed) then you’re welcome to play with us. Don’t feel down if you get picked last as it’s common for players who people don’t know (trust me I’ve been there :joy: ). In terms of who you can play, it doesn’t really matter as most captains will just let you play whatever you feel comfortable with :slight_smile:

But yeah just add me and see what the guys I tagged say, and I’ll see you guys around!


Grill master nova reporting in. Feel free to add me if you want to play a couple games or so. PSN is supernovasnipe.


Yep. I’m usually around most of the time, although I’m not always on mic. I hope that isn’t too much of an issue.

My PSN is the same as my forum username if you wish to add.


Esword? I’ll drop a hello if I bump into you!


I’d love to play with you. I have several non-meta mains so I probably wouldn’t be great in the competitive scene. I’m also in high school so I can only get on 3-4 times a week for a couple hours at a time (usually early morning and mid afternoon). My psn is PRO_Px41 if you wanna add me and I’ll add you as soon as I can.


Ash pretty much covered it as far as the 10-mans goes. Feel free to add me should you wish to do so, should be able to get y’all into some 10-mans if it’s in your interest.

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i want in :o ill have to remember all this when i get home.

bring me my sweet sweet bb lovin

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Add my name to your list: “Flyux”. I tend to be a little support-heavy but I play mostly everyone. I may not be feared across the land, and not particularly try-hard, but I play a good game and that’s all that counts.

Plus, I’d also be happy to help the both of you if you have any queries, like with gear etc. I’d also like to add that there are a few PS4 chats I’m in that are super supportive; I could add you to one of them. We mostly talk ■■■■, but we’d be open to aiding you in any way.



Add me on PSN:


I can out you in contact with an extensive network of very skilled and still active Battleborn players.


Sure thing. Love your Youtube vids too!!

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You should see his Battleborn meme collection.


Thanks to all the people that have helped in this thread. Ive met a few great players & a few not so great.

And by not so great, I dont necessarily mean skill wise, I mean the ones that insist that if you use anything lower than epic quality gear in your loadout that you are bad. Where does thia idea perpetuate? Anyways, seperate thread for that incoming I do believe…

Anyways, thanks all.


Also, still got a few people to add from this thread. Been under the weather lately and haven’t been 100%.

Anyways, thanks again for all the outreach.

I believe(possibly naively) that we cab still grow this community. I see low-mid CR’s everyday.

Keep the fight for the last star going until the wheels fall off the servers.


Y’all need Mellka love