Looking for money help

Im broke ans have missed out on some legendaries in the machines cus i cant afford em. Can any lvl 50s give me some stuff to sell or let me have some cash? Thanks

If you need really quick cash, you can fast travel to the titan production facility. Just on the other side of the vending machines is a gray loot chest. It’s mostly going to be whites and greens, but you can open it, save and quit, and get it again several times in 1 minute. Wont make you SUPER rich, but in 10 minutes you should be good on cash for awhile.

Kill Iwajira or run Titan Robot if you need money.

Or just use golden keys and sell all the loot you get from the chest.

Just play the game, and sell all the weapons you get.


When farming with Timothy, I start in Serenity’s Waste to start building my MiP stacks. Running through all the kraggons there, and their refuse piles, usually nets 80-100 stacks. Multiply that by whatever the average cash find stack is worth at level 50, and there’s your take every ~10 minutes. Add five more to fight Iwajira, and collect/sell whatever loot you find along the way. You should average $250k-500k per run, IIRC, with six-ish open backpack slots for loot. Oz kits, launchers, sniper rifles, and shields get priority, as they’re worth more than other weapons. Also, Jacobs and Dahl assault rifles with Torgue barrels (Cannon and Grenadier, respectively) bring mad cash. Iwajira likes to drop those for me. I seriously get a Torgue-barrel AR every second or third Iwajira kill, and a single purple one will nearly double my take for the whole run.

Also, you can vendor-farm Concordia, knowing that there’s a good bit of money just lying around in dumpsters and lockers and safes (oh, my). You’ll usually find three white-rarity items, typically shields or pistols, that can be sold or ground-up to a green. Seriously, just about every time I run Concordia, even without going on the roof, I’ll find either three white pistols, or three white shields, just in boxes or wall lockers, to grind together for a green. I wonder if that’s by design…