Looking for More for PvP, PvE and lore challenges (EU)

Hi all,

I posted before but I still seem to have trouble to get more then 3 people in a team at the same time because a lot them play in different time zones.

So I am looking for players based in the EU time zone that play in the evenings and weekends as this is the time I will be on. I like to play PvE but done all of them several times now so a bit more leaning towards PvP. But for PvP I like to have a team of at least 4 as when you go with 3 or less you probably be out of luck with randoms that have no clue what they are doing.

So please send me a message on the Xbox and add me. I will reply to all messages and don’t hesitate to join the party if you see I am in one. So we can make a team.

Please have a mic so we can communicate and have a laugh.

Gamertag: Plutonium Bug

i can help you if you return the favor then would be nice.

Gamertag: MAXXX Brutal