Looking for Moze annointed next two mags incindiary

-Trick Unforgiven
-X3 Kyb’s Worth
-Corrosive the Butcher
-Dictators X6 Corrosive, Rad, Cryo, Shock
-Lucians Call
-Devils Foursum
-The Damned
-Boom Sickle
-Corrosive Redline

Unfortunately I tossed most of mine before the hotfix.

Have loads to trade, so please let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Thanks

I have a Dictator… 380 x 3 with that annointment but the dictator has no element.

heres a pic

Wish it were elemental. I do have one X3 Kinetic.

But I am mainly I nterested in the Iron Bear next 2 Mags Incindiary Damage annointment that just got buffed.


I should have a bunch. I know I have a Lucians with that anoint.

I don’t have that. Most of the Moze stuff I did keep was annointed with Iron Bear Splash Damage. I might have 20 or so random items with it I can list out later on tonight if you like.

You want? If so, do you have a lyuda x2 fire rakk attack anointed or ase 100%?


I will check my Lyudas for Rakk later on today. For some reason Fire doesn’t immediately come to mind though. I know I have Rakk Lyudas for Corrosive, Rad, and Cryo. Not sure about annexed.

I know I have 100% ASE Lyudas. I have a Corrosive annexed Lyuda equipped to a character right now. I just got a few others last week that are annexed.

I sent you the breath, when you get the time send me 100 ase fire one if you have it. If not send me the rad rakk one. Thank you

Thanks yeah I’ll mail out what I have for Rakk Lyudas and I will check my check my 100% ASE ones as well no problem.